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Trees growing in the urban environment cause numerous challenges where Urban Tree Care creates solutions for our clients. We view trees as assets offering our advice and experience with 19 years in the green industry and a passion for trees offering services in Cape town and surrounds.

Urban Tree Solutions offers a high level of service and professionalism to our host of clients ensuring you walk away with a smile.

We are fully insured for all possible incidences.Placing our customers service experience first.


Tree pruning and structural pruning.

Structural pruning can be done in order to improve the trees structural integrity. Usually performed on branches that are elongated. When branches rub against each other or to improve the branch structure of a tree.

Crown reductions

Crown reductions are only done when a tree has become to large for the garden or space. Ideally we should not disrupt the crown of a tree only when it’s necessary such as in the case of physical obstructions.


Thinning of trees is popular for allowing sunlight for plants or lawn below the tree. To allow wind to pass through more easily placing less strain on the trees branches.

Tree Care and Tree Development.

We offer tree maintenance to prevent pest and diseases or cure any issues. Tree development ensures that he trees are growing correctly and that any structural pruning at an early stage is done in order to prevent future problems. This minimises storm damage or branch failure.

Transplanting of Trees Large and Small

Transplanting of trees takes patience and compassion coupled with technical knowledge to ensure the successful re-establishment of a tree. Through years of experience our survival rate is between 80-100% depending on the specie and various environmental stresses.

Trimming of Large Hedges

Sometimes hedges become too big for our clients to manage and the maintenance of the hedges falls behind. We offer to bring the hedge back in shape and offer a cost effective maintenance plan.

Bush Clearance

We provide bush and plot clearance services ranging from small plots to large developments.

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